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Han-Pang Huang

Han-Pang Huang
Han-Pang Huang, Fellow, CIAE and CSME
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University

Title of speech:

Development of Rehabilitation and Exoskeleton Robots



To achieve a human-robot co-existence system, a safety robot with learning methods is developed for human intention estimation, and intelligent assistive and rehabilitation control. Both ACEA and BTSA systems are constructed for increasing intrinsic safety and assisting human in versatile tasks. In the human intention estimation, the EMG, EEG, and dynamics classification methods are established. Moreover, the exoskeleton graphical model is developed for advanced reasoning of human estimation. In the intelligent control, rehabilitation control, assistive control with Bayesian estimator, and lower exoskeleton control are addressed for the requirements of assistive and rehabilitation exercises.



Dr. Han-Pang Huang received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 1986. He is a Distinguished Professor and Zhong Zhuo-Zhang Chair Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Graduate Institute of Industrial Engineering, National Taiwan University. He has served as the Director of the Robotics Lab since 1986. Currently he is also the Program Director of the Talent Fostering Program for Advanced Industry Equipment (TFPAIE), the Advisory Office of the Ministry of Education. He was the Advisor of the Ministry of Education (2006-2010). He was Chairperson of Mechanical Engineering from August 2007 to July 2008, National Taiwan University. He is the Fellow of CIAE, the Fellow of CSME, the Editor of the International Journal of Electronic Business Management, and the Editor of Intl. J. of Automation and Smart Technology. Dr. Huang’s research interests include intelligent robotic systems, prosthetic hand, manufacturing automation, and control systems. He has authored more than 360 papers on those topics, which have been published in refereed technical journals and conference proceedings. He also holds more than 21 patents. Dr. Huang received National Science Council Distinguished Research Awards, 2002-2008; National Science Council Distinguished Research Fellow Awards, 2009, TECO Outstanding Science and Technology Research Achievement Award, 2012, the Distinguished Education Award on RFID from EPC global (Taiwan), 2010. He also served as the President of Chinese Institute of Automation Engineers (CIAE), Program Director of Automation Technology Division, National Science Council; Adviser of Industry Bureau, Adviser of Department of Technology, and Adviser of Ministry of Education.